Research Proposal

Missouri Rice Research and Merchandising Council (MRRMC) is a farmer led and directed organization, governed by 11 volunteer farmer members, elected by farmers. These volunteers manage the checkoff collected from Missouri Rice and are established and funded by one half of 1% of the sale price of rice. MRRMC programs sponsor 3 areas: outreach and education, consumer demand for rice, and research.

By law, no checkoff dollars may be used for lobbying.

Our mission is commitment to promoting and advancing innovative research, production, and marketing solutions to maximize Missouri rice farm profitability.

All project plans should use Layman’s terminology and address opportunities of research, education, or demonstration that will positively impact Missouri rice growers. Projects may extend multiple years, although funding is allocated annually based on results and funding availability. 

Emphasis areas for 2021 project funding are:

  • Production research in support of the rice breeding
  • Improving rice agronomic and/or management practices
  • Rice marketing and growing existing markets
  • Commercialization of rice and rice products produced in Missouri
  • New uses of rice for commercial applications if market potential exists



  • Conflict of Interest disclosure form
  • Lead PI signs contract to acknowledge requirement
  • Annual Reports and invoicing
  • Annual Layman’s Summary
  • Pre-Publication Notice
  • Monetary Aid Attribution


Spending Prohibitions:

  • Depreciable Capital Equipment
  • Overhead Costs
  • Principal Investigator’s Salary
  • Student Tuition or Fees
  • Influencing Governmental Policy or Action
  • Any other purpose not set forth in approved project proposal


Terms of Funding Agreement:

  • Annual Funding Period and Contract Amendments
  • Intellectual Property Ownership and Licensing/Royalty
  • Contract Termination Clause
  • MRRMC Attribution for Funding
  • Timely Reports and Invoices

Research Proposal Application

  • Name and Date
  • Name and Date